About Me

I came upon an extraordinary insight into learning while I was at the Indian Institute of Science, in Bangalore, India pursuing my Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. I found myself trapped in a situation where my techniques of learning which were basically memorizing and recall, were not helping me grasp the subject and putting me into greater depths of despair of not being able to pass exams. While I had almost reached the end of my striving, I chanced upon a book containing the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti in a book shop.

Reading it, I came face to face with the truth that I had been wasting energy enormously in the so-called “learning” that was propagated in school and college, which had the only intention of getting marks in exams without any cultivation of intelligence. I realized that all effort was unnecessary and was aimed at achieving a false goal of external achievements. I realized that there is learning happening in every moment, and it is completely unrelated to achievement, goal, struggle and effort.

All fears, pressures and struggles are externally induced to make us reach a illusory goal, whereas, devoid of all that, the world of learning is wide open and immensely accessible to us without any struggle or effort. The realization brought a great tranquility and state of peace. Learning changed its form completely. Without any fear, I was able to pass exams with high grades. Learning with interest and attention had enormous implications in unraveling the extraordinary potential of the brain. This realization drove me out of the campus without any concern for a degree ( I voluntarily dropped out of the course). My only concern was and is to help others realize the immense wastage of energy in the name of learning that is going on throughout the world and thereby help to learn joyfully, tremendously and effortlessly.

I have coined the term “Selfless Learning” to indicate that learning is not an endeavor of the cultivated self. Without the trappings of the self in its pursuit of success, achievement, and fulfillment of desires, learning is freed to its enormous potential hidden in the brain.

– Vijaykumar Kartha