Don’t let thoughts take root

Thinking is a very limited process of the brain. Thinking is always to do with the past and is based on projections of the thoughts. The same thought that is born out of the past projects the future, and hence the future is also part of the past.

Thinking never solves a problem but only makes the problem worse, because thinking is always from the past, and cannot comprehend the problem in the present. Therefore, whatever psychological diffculties are there, the answer to the difficulties does not lie in thinking and psychological analysis.

When there is no thinking, the mind is free to observe, look and listen. Then, there is awareness of the problem as it without any distortion. This brings about a transformation of the problem without any effort. Only the mind that is still and quiet can find the answer to a problem, not the chattering mind.

The less energy spend in thinking, the more energy there is to understand and learn. Thinking can cease only when there is awareness of the ways of the mind without any motive of ending it or changing it. The entity that has the motive is also a thought, though it is identified as the ‘I’.

When there is awareness of the thoughts in the mind, there is a transformation that brings about its own energy and understanding. So, spend less time thinking and just be aware. As you are aware, there is more energy to learn and understand.

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