End exam stress

Let’s end exam stress. Exam stress is faced by millions of children, teenagers and adults around the world. It is accepted by society as part of life. But, the effects of exam stress are tragic. Many young adults commit suicide due to exam stress. Many go through depression and anxiety disorders. The effects of exam stress last throughout their lives.

Its imperative that society face this reality and not succumb to it. Its necessary to find ways to end exam stress and lead meaningful lives during the teenage years and growing into adulthood.

Parents, educators and right thinking people have a role to play in helping young adults meet exam stress without succumbing to its deadly effects. The main causes of exam stress can be found in the need to prove to others something which may or may not be natural or skillful in a child.

Exam systems all over the world test children on skills and knowledge that are determined by the system and not by the needs of the child. A child who is naturally not inclined to a specific subject such as Maths or Science, or who has not been given the necessary guidance towards learning the subject will go through immense misery in trying to prove their work through a standardized exam.

Given the exam reality, you can manage exam stress by understanding the cause of it and the circumstances that create it. When a huge wave hits a surfer, rather than face it directly and be beaten, the surfer rides the wave understanding its nature and manages to overcome it.

In the same way, you can overcome exam stress, by realizing that you do need to put efforts just to meet external expectations, but instead be aware or yourself and learn naturally. Learning and memorizing in order to write an exam are completely different processes. Learning is an inherent process of the brain that occurs throughough life. But, when there is comparison, intense efforts to achieve, meaningless memorization, learning without interest, then the brain gets worn out.

Failure and success create immense worries and fear, and this fear is related to the future. But, if we live in the present, then there is no fear. And, there is joy in learning. This learning will help us ride the wave of exam stress without succumbing to it.

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