When learning is boring

Let’s admit it! Not all learning is interesting, exciting, or fun. Much of the learning is boring, uninteresting, and dull. And, we are into such situations unwillingly. And, some times, the same learning may appear exciting to others, and not for us.

Is there a way to convert the boring learning to magical learning? Or, in other words, can we escape the drudgery and monotony induced by such learning. Often, this makes us feel sleepy and larger part of our activity becomes our struggle to keep ourselves awake and not fall asleep.

Here are some ways to transform boring to magical:

1. Expand rather than contract

When encountering boredom, the mind’s instantaneous reaction is to shrink, contract and withdraw into a small shell from which everything seems grey and boring. Then, there is a fight or a struggle to escape from the shell into something more exciting or nourishing. Instead of that, can the mind see the opportunity as a way to expand our awareness into a larger field of things within and outside of us.

Rather than withdrawing, the mind can stay with the situation and be more aware of what’s happening around us. Then, the boredom gets relegated to the background, the mind becomes more alive by listening, and seeing more things around us.In this awareness, we can start being more aware of ourself, our reactions, and through this awareness, a quietness will descend. This is far more relaxing, and energising and the whole situation can be a great opportunity to relax and feel energised.

2. Look for insights rather than knowledge

When confronted with a boring piece of learning, look for insights instead of gathering knowledge. Gathering knowlege by itself is a repetitive, mechanical process, and if not within a context of curiosity and challenge, it can easily make the brain slip into acute boredom. So, an already existing situation of boring learning can get more acute when the brain is trying to gather knowledge. Instead, use the context as means of gathering insights.

An insight is an understanding of the whole rather than its parts. So, keeping the mind alive to understand the larger context of the learning and to see what is the most important piece of the learning, helps in removing the burden and keeps the mind challenged. You may hit upon a completely new way of understanding, and which will mean a lot in unravelling your passions towards the learning.

3. Be the centre of learning rather than a recipient.

Often, we tend easily to fall into the role of recipient of learning, rather than be at the centre of learning. And, when the learning is boring, being a recipient of it can drain a lo t of energy. So, instead, be the centre of learning. Understand your needs, and your purpose. See what you need to aim to get from the situation. And, feel responsible for your own state.

Then, you can ensure you rework your strategies to minimize getting bored, and find ways to ensure you get more out of every situation now and in the future. This will also mean evaluating your choices about your learning and deciding to change course or find better choices for your learning input. So, you may decide to change courses, or discuss with peers about what other options are available. What this does is make you on top of the situation rather than be a passive recipient and victim.

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