Learning is an instantaneous process

Learning happens instantaneously. It happens whether you feel you have learned or not. It doesn’t matter that you need to get feedback from somebody or that you need to feel consciously that you have learned. The need to feel acknowledged or to be certain about one’s learning is an approach handed down by the previous generations as well as our own cultivation of the need to feel certain.

It may seem counter-intuitive to think that learning happens without a conscious feeling of learning. But, this is what is happening all the time. Every moment, our brains are open to learning and does grow in many subtle ways despite any negative feelings within our consciousness.

But, what happens due to our need to be conscious of our learning is that, we limit our learning to express itself fully. When we keep trying to accumulate learning and use it as a means of expanding ourselves, the learning remains hidden and all that we are left with is our struggle to be sure of whether we know or not.

Instead, if we can let go of our fears, then our unconscious learning can be brought forth to our consciousness and be allowed to express itself. This requires quietness of our mind. And quietness goes hand-in-hand with humility. The feeling of “I don’t know” is a catalyst to learning well, because then we are not struggling to hold onto our learning or make it into “my” learning.

As and when you are learning or within a learning context, try to be present without all the comparisons, and the struggles to learn. Just be aware and be fully present to whatever is happening. Even if you are not able to grasp or comprehend anything, remain present to the moment. Things are happening deep within the unconscious which you are unaware of. And, as you proceed with this feeling of being present, you gain more clarity about the learning.

What remains completely unknown at the beginning soon becomes familiar, and your brain grows more adept at getting a grasp of the learning. Any new learning will be difficult to understand at the beginning. Instead of feeling nervous, helpless or confused, by just being present to the situation helps you to absorb the learning instantaneously, step-by-step with tremendous clarity.

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