Selfless Learning

Selfless learning is not a technique. It is not a formula nor a tool. It’s a way of learning that is pure and complete in itself. It is not fragmented nor limited by our personal limitations. Its learning with the whole being. Its learning without any separation between the learner and the thing being learnt. It has no element of fear nor a pressure. And, there is no effort involved in it.

It’s a state of being that’s completely tranquil and learns naturally. The state is not forced nor does it have any element of time in it. It springs from the deep levels of our being and comprehends the thing being learnt wholly without any residue of thought. It cannot be achieved nor can it be cultivated through a technique. It happens when the mind has let go of all fears, all outcomes, all efforts and pressure to achieve. It is then in direct contact with the thing being learnt and a relationship exists that allows for intake of learning in a natural, direct way.

Selfless learning happens when you see the limited effort you are putting into learning. Whenever you are learning, you are putting in effort to learn, which means much of the energy of your mind is caught in shutting out distractions. Therefore, only a limited part of your brain is involved in learning, and therefore, there is incomplete learning and a struggle to retain the learning.

Concentration is the lowest form of learning and contains a huge wastage of energy. On the contrary, letting the mind free to be, allows for all distractions to be present without any conflict. And, this allows the distractions to end. When there is no pressure and no effort by the mind, there is a tranquillity that arises.

In normal learning, the mind is concerned with the outcomes, the achievements, the comparison with another, and worries about failure and other irrelevant things not connected with the thing being learnt. This brings about a state of mind that has very less energy  for learning. And, then the mind puts in more effort to shut out these distractions which results in more stress and pressure. Once you see that there is no point in concerning with the irrelevant things, then these things drop off. And, then there is enormous energy that is released.

Any technique of learning weakens the mind, as the mind is now following a single path at the exclusion of other ways of the mind. This involves conflict and wastage of energy, as the mind is more concerned about the technique rather than the thing being learnt.

But selfless learning is learning in freedom. It has its own discipline. There is no need for an external discipline or a discipline forced internally. The root mearning of discipline is “to learn”. So, when you are interested in learning something, that very interest creates its own discipline.

Then, there is no concern with failure or success, as the learning is its own reward. The state of learning then moves with attention and alertness, learning from any mistake and moving ahead.