Smashing exam stress and breaking free

As you grow, the noose is slowly tightening around you. Without your knowledge, the system has slowly conspired to put you into the prison of exams and its results. Instead of having a good relationship with you and helping you find what you are good at, the system has conspired along with your parents to cut all your wings, and condition your mind towards the inevitability of giving away all your freedom to the merciless system of marks and exams. It promises you some kind of an exciting world at the end of it, but while you dream about it, your soul is being slowly killed, and your wings are being cut.

When the promised world appears, you would be deadened in your heart, and made into a helpless worker, trained to follow instructions and to be forever fearful and insecure about the future. While you work hard at your results, your mind is no longer thinking for itself, but forced into a corner, thinking only about the exam and the knowledge required for it. The immensity of life is reduced to drudgery of routines, work, and entertainment. Money becomes very important, and along with it comes the sorrow of inward emptiness. Then, comes along the gurus with their fanciful mantras and advice to experience happiness, which was long ago taken away by the system.

By seeing clearly the whole system, we can smash the exam walls and break free. We then are no longer afraid of the exams and its results. The understanding is our own understanding, not second-hand knowledge meant to be forgotten after the exams. Every moment is ours to experience first-hand. Life is filled with immense possibilities, and therein lies freedom, not at the hands of some guru ditching out fancy advice. So, while you are young, energetic, creative, dare to smash the exam walls of your mind and break free.

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