Stay with yourself

Yourself is the most complex, volatile, mishmash, confused, disorderly entity hiding under the master controller called the “I” always caught in bringing order. And, in this effort, there is more and more disorder coming into your lives. Have you wondered why no efforts bring in the order that you desire?

The world is an amplification of your self. If you observe carefully, you will find every nation, group engaged in bringing in order, trying to improve, and incessantly caught in this process without end. The same thing happens to you as you try to bring order to your confused self.

The difficulty lies in trying to bring order by separating ourselves from the disorder. When there is disorder within the consciousness, the “I” that tries to bring order, is also born out of this disorder. Therefore, however well-intentioned the efforts are, the “I” is also disorderly and therefore, the efforts remain futile.

So, the first step is to see through the futility of all efforts by the “I” in trying to bring order into yourself. Then, there is only the disorder and to observe this disorder as it is, without adding further to it, is the only essential action. And, this first step is the last step.

To understand that nobody else can help you, nor can you help yourself, but to stay with yourself is effortless, at the same time immensely difficult. Because, the mind has got caught in the pattern of self-improvement. Staying with yourself all the time, without resistance or indulgence brings about an understanding that is a light unto yourself.

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