Switch from memorizing to understanding

The traditional pattern of learning cultivated from a very young age is that of memorizing and recalling information when needed. The brain then becomes nothing more than a recording and recalling machine. Understanding is relegated to the background, and the power of the mind is used up in recording as much information as possible and using that to perform tasks.

When exams appear, since the questions are mostly based on recall, the brain gets the sufficient amount of dopamine as a reward to continue with the process of memorizing. The foundations of a subject get laid through memorizing, and there is no coherent structure or framework built for any subject.

This process of memorizing also translates itself to the field of psychological problems, wherein every experience is stored in memory, and answers to future challenges are taken from past experiences.

Stress and dullness are natural by-products of this process, because the natural growth of the brain through wholesome comprehension gets mixed up with mindless recording of information and experiences. The stress gets built up till a point when it can take it no further.

Instead of continuing with the stressful patterns of memorizing and recalling, make an instant shift to understanding. Understanding is the natural process of the brain, and when there is a shift, enormous energy is released and which relaxes the brain. The brain can get released from the vicious cycles of repetitive memorizing and switch to understanding each concept without much effort.

Such a transformation helps relax the brain and provides it with much needed space to explore and discover new things. This in turn helps meet challenges with greater resilience and clarity.

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