The Fear of Failure

Right from a very young age, we are made conscious of success and failure. This is brought about by the systems of learning that are in place which clearly identifies actions as either success or failure. Young impressionable minds start to form the image of their selves along with the lines of success and failure.

Failure is resisted and success is welcomed. Failure brings pain and success brings pleasure. Both sustain the self which is always in a race towards success and avoiding failure. This process then alienates us from the processes of living which have nothing to do with external labels of success and failure.

As we grow, we have an intrinsic order that sustains us harmoniously from the moment we are born till we die. There is beauty in living harmoniously, growing orderly and maturing both physically and psychologically. But, the fear of failure and the craving for success destroys this intrinsic order and makes us feel forever lacking or inadequate.

Knowing that growth is not separate from mistakes, and keeping our intrinsic order intact, helps us realise that we are not bound to notions of success and failure. Both success and failure are superficial and have very little to do with happiness and inner security.

Failure is not the monstrous thing it is made out to be. Failure is a label that is imposed on us externally. Failure is heavily loaded with negative images. Failure is a way of exploitation, and if we can understand failure for what it is, our learning moves forward tremendously joyously and completely.

Seeing learning as a process of understanding and movement intrinsically, helps us overcome the fear of failure and its limitations.