The Trap of Success

We are caught in the trap of success. We are exploited because of our craving for success. There is a huge industry making profits from our craving for success. Being ignorant and young, we get caught in this trap and fail to realise how destructive it is. As parents, we fail to see the damage it does to our children. And, we realise it very late when a severe crisis affects our child.

We all hear the refrain that education is a great tool to lift us out of poverty and make us happy. But, what is this education that is talked about? Its just the status and the financial benefits that come from getting an educational degree and a well-paid job. And, to achive this seemingly happy ending, we ignore all the sufferings and the terrible misery that we go through, hoping, that everything will be alright in the end.

But, does the misery ever end? We are taught to compete, to be self-absorbed, to keep climbing up the ladder, never taking rest but everlastingly fighting our way to become more and more successful. And, we keep getting superficial praises and encouragement to keep us running the race. But, to what end? There may be more money, more superficial recognitions, but inwardly we are dead. We keep sustaining a bigger self, but fail to see how superficial it all is.

In this race towards success, we never really learn anything at all. We are so caught up in our focus on the end result, that our brains are racing forever with accumulating knowledge and skills without any depth. This is the tragedy of our educational system, which destroys millions of people. And, the parents and teachers exploit this system, knowingly or unknowingly.

We become rats forever being led into greater and greater ignorance and misery.