There is nothing to do psychologically

We are all addicted to action. We feel we exist only when we act. We are afraid of not acting, of being still.

We keep problem solving each moment of the day. That’s another training that we have unfortunately received from our schools. Our schools do not allow us to understand and comprehend a concept, but instead, all learning is directed towards solving problems at the end of the chapter. This kind of training makes the mind always look at life as a series of problems to be resolved.

But, life’s problems are not like mathematical problems that have fixed methods to solve. Life demands a swift mind that can comprehend a situation as it is rather than to be solved. The solution lies in the understanding of the problem, not solving the problem.

For example, you are bored with your studies. And life demands that you pass an exam to move ahead. This situation is translated into a problem, which is then solved by playing games, or entertainment, or cramming concepts just to pass the exams. But, if we were not to see it as a problem to be solved, we would be able to understand ourselves, how boredom takes root, and what is the real cause of our boredom. It maybe, that we are tired, or our minds need rest, or we always trapped in comparison.

In order to understand, we do not need to do anything psychologically. We have to let go of action and just be. Being is far more intelligent than doing. In being, we allow the problems to dissolve, when there may be no problem at all. Action may worsen the problems when the mind is only trying to solve it or get rid of it.

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